5 Trackers I recommend every beginner runner

The trackers aren’t some fancy watch or expensive gear you get to wear to feel like a pro and neither is it simply a hi-tech watch. These trackers have been developed with the aim of helping you get fit and workout better. They can store all sorts of data such as your running speed, distance, your calorie intake, sleep patterns etc. but which one should you get? Here are 5 I recommend all beginner runners to check out.

The Apple Tracker

Love your apple, tablet, mac book etc.? Then why not get your apple fitness tracker as well? This watch comes with a heart rate tracker, a GPS system and all other important feature you’d need in a fitness tracker plus its awesome speaker and microphone help you yet stay in touch at all times.

It’s stylish, sleek and all details can be accessed with a swipe of the screen. This watch will cost you about $350 and is worth every single penny. Learn to track your sleep with this tracker below.

Fitbit Surge

Another company that has made great inroads into the fitness industry is Fitbit and their latest model is simply awesome. The sleek and bold look adds to the style quotient. It’s also easy to understand and use.

It comes with a heart rate detector and is a tracker purely for runners as data give on rides isn’t precise and nor in the tracker waterproof. It will cost around $200-$250 and is available in black, blue and tangerine.


Garmin Forerunner 920XT

For those preparing for a triathlon I usually recommend this tracker and though it is slightly heavier it’s perfect for all the 3 sports as it can track speed, strokes, power, etc. separately and all of your data is uploaded to the cloud automatically when connected to the Wi-Fi.

Though all these awesome features means you’ll need to charge it almost daily. This tracker will cost you ranging from $400-$500 depending on whether you get the heart sensor, gait analyser etc.


Withings Activite

If you’re looking for a classic, old school watch like tracker then the Activite is the one for you. It comes with a waterproof and scratch less display and can track data while running, cycling or even swimming thus perfect for triathletes.

For more detailed info you can sync it with your Iphone using a free app. Its battery can last a stunning 8-10 months and it will cost you around $400-$500.

withings activate


Basis Peak

The best feature of this Basis tracker is its wrist heart rate detector thus your heart is monitored even while you’re asleep. This is an important part of training and helps prevent excessive training and colds.

It also tracks calories, burnt, heart rate etc. even when on the bike but not the distance as it comes without a GPS. This tracker is available at a cost of about $200.

basis peak